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How to centrally manage access rights (GLOBAL ACCESS RIGHTS)?
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Starting from AeroAdmin v4.6 build 3084 it's possible to centrally create and manage global access rights.

It means you can change access rights and passwords for certain operators and groups of remote clients in one place, centrally. This is very useful when one of your operators leaves your company and you want to restrict access for this operator or allow access for new operators.

Step 1. Create Global Access Rights (GAR) file in json format with json file extension:


{"id": "123456789", "rights": 2047, "name": "Operator 1","password": "e72c8e81e40a6c31710225b02b32929940e7d0b8b88d3077d407edbd62656580", "salt": "56aced5e8bb91aea3cb3062a8196f144", "hash": "PBKDF2"},
{"id": "987654321", "rights": 1, "name": "Operator 2","password": "bd313ff4b648eee158009445b17a3aeb65dbeb0cd2b1de335411a44b80cb9202", "salt": "208abb6f9577fa6ce3f0d8ee0f243c2a", "hash": "PBKDF2"}

or download sample file here
Specification:"id" - AeroAdmin ID of your operator computer which you want to allow access to.
"rights" - Access rights for this particular operator. Specify 1023 for full access.

Access rights variations:

Full Access - 2047

Full Access - 1023 (except "remote admin can change access rights")

Full Access, File Manager disabled - 1039

View Screen only - 1

View Screen, Copy/Paste - 15

File Manager only - 32

"name" - Operator name (will be visible in AeroAdmin access rights settings in menu Connection -> Access Rights)

"password" - password hash. Can be generated here

"salt" - salt hash. Auto-generated here

"hash" - hash type. Use only PBKDF2

Step 2. Upload your GAR json file to your web server (use only (!) HTTPS)


Step 3. Specify the GAR file URL in the corresponding field in the user account customization section.

Global Access Rights will be loaded once the customized file is launched, and will be refreshed every 10 minutes.

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