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Connect to Multiple Monitors Remotely
最后更新 一年前

This guide will explain how to display two remote screens separately on each of the monitors of the controlling computer.


1. Create two new folders on the Desktop. Copy the AeroAdmin.exe file into each of these folders. If you need to download our software, it is available from

2. In each of the folders, create a shortcut to each of the .exe files by clicking on AeroAdmin.exe, right-click and choose Create Shortcut. In each of the two folders, should now have an AeroAdmin.exe file and a shortcut.

3. Right-click on the new shortcut and select Properties. In the Target field, move the cursor to the end of the line, and enter "-terminal". Click on the OK button and repeat this process for the other shortcut.

4. Launch the AeroAdmin application using each of the shortcuts. You will have two instances of the AeroAdmin application running and each of them will display a different ID in the Your ID field.

5. Go to Connection --> Access Rights in the AeroAdmin app menu. Click on the Add button, type ANY in the ID field and enter a password of your choice. Once saved, open the other instance of AeroAdmin and repeat the process.


6. Open the AeroAdmin application on the controlling computer and connect to both AeroAdmin instances that are running on the remote computer. This is done by entering the ID and password for each instance. With both connections running, go to the toolbar of each and select the screen to display.

Please note: The access rights saved for the remote computer will be reset after AeroAdmin.exe restarts


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